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  • FACTS2™ 高级质量监控仪器,可以以生产速度提供高分辨率的声学显微成像,并且只需操作员做极少的控制 相关技术文档下载
    • SECS-II / GEM (SEMI E30) and SMEMA compliant 

    • Non-immersion scanning using Sonoscan’sWaterFall™ or WaterPlume™ transducers, minimizing risks of contamination, fluid ingression and movement due to floating of parts 

    • Automated Data Analysis Package allows you to pre-define Accept/Reject criteria and automatically indicates rejected parts within the data image or file 

    • Vacuum Hold Down option to stabilize small parts in place during scan to ensure the highest quality images 

    • Separate drying chamber with up to four oscillating air knives and optional heat to quickly and efficiently dry parts after scanning 

    • Doubles as a full feature analytical tool 

    • Incredible throughput achieved with optional independent second scanner 

    • Numerous configuration options including JEDEC trays, Auer Boat and IGBT modules
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