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  • Gen6™ 新一代具有技术创新,尖端技术和无与伦比的功能的C-SAM®,把超声显微成像带上了一个新的水平。 相关技术文档下载

    • PolyGate™ technology with Multi-Gate™ and Probing-Gate™ functions capable of single and multi-focus imaging

    • Up to 100 gates per channel with 2 Gsps sampling rate

    • Windows® 7 Ultimate for multi-language and 64-bit capabilities

    Inertially Balanced Linear Motor Scanner with counterweight to minimize vibrations and ensure optimal scanning results

    • Tower-mounted scan reference platform and sample fixture

    • Open-access scanning area makes loading and unloading easy and is capable of scanning JEDEC trays or a 300mm wafer

    • Water recirculation and optional inline temperature control

    SonoSimulator for simplified analysis of stacked die parts

    • Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to quantify the acoustic data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria

    • Virtual Rescanning Mode (VRM)™ stores comprehensive data and enables you to perform a complete analysis of a sample, even when it is no longer available

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