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  • FastLine™ P300™ 一种紧凑型声学显微监控仪,专为工厂提供的最大生产和过程控制。 相关技术文档下载
    • A unique carrier system enables operators to load one tray while another is being scanned to help maximize throughput and productivity 

    • Higher throughput achieved with better handling procedures, precise positioning, faster scanning and automated analysis. 

    • Visual Poly-Gate™ technology for simple and instant multiple depth AM imaging 

    • Multi-Language OS and intuitive Sonolytics™ Operator Interface with admin/op levels allows technicians and operators to work easily and efficiently in their native language. Includes English, Chinese and Japanese 

    • Ergonomic features including two available work surface height choices for operator comfort and efficiency 

    • Minimal footprint for optimum use on the manufacturing floor
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